Water & Environmental Testing

Water and environmental testing

It is difficult to emphasise enough the importance of water quality in water management and a tremendous amount of information can be obtained from even the basic set of water and environmental testing data sets. Water testing is a complicated measurement as many parameters change throughout the day and especially where algae are an influence, oxygen and pH levels can fluctuate massively between day and night. Interpreting these results is very skilled and we have the luxury of a massive database of waters all over the UK and Europe to compare results with.

Basic water testing

This basic suite includes testing for dissolved oxygen saturation, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, chlorine, total iron, alkalinity, turbidity, calcium, and total hardness. This gives an invaluable snapshot of the water in question at the time the sample was taken. This alone helps to contribute information that can assist in better water management.

Regular water testing

For many waters, especially those with commercial angling, water quality is very important and regular monitoring is crucial to ensure that stocks are protected. On many waters the client has purchased our dissolved oxygen and pH meters and takes readings with these each morning and evening. Additionally, each month a sample is sent to us for a basic test suite along with the month’s recorded values. This information is then analysed by our consultants and compared with historical readings from the specific water and also with waters all over the country. This information allows us to note any concerning results or trends and advise the client accordingly.

Other water and environment testing

We offer a full range of testing suites that can be tailored to suit individual clients. The full list of tests is too extensive to reproduce here but below is a guide to the tests we are most frequently asked to undertake:

  • Silt/Sediment analysis
  • Pollutant testing
  • Heavy metals testing suite
  • EU bathing water directive standards
  • Legionella testing
  • Microbiological safety
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Soil analysis

We can offer a full and comprehensive range of tests for most requirements including many that are not listed above: please contact us with your requirements.

To show our capabilities here are some previous projects completed by our consultants:

  • Regular water testing on public park lakes to understand better the presence of poor water quality and associated blue-green algae blooms
  • Sediment analysis to show the concentrations of heavy metals and hydrocarbons in a lake on an industrial site
  • Determination of Legionella for a private London Hospital
  • Testing to remedy causes of fish deaths in Sussex (excessively low pH)
  • Regular silt analysis for compliance regarding waste handling legislation