Surveys & Consultancy

Surveys and consultancy

AES Europe Ltd offers a range of survey and consultancy packages which are readily tailored to a specific client’s requirements. The packages we offer range from a basic report to assist in simple water management to fully comprehensive reports compiling information on every possible influencing factor. Our consultancy service is very popular and as such is a large part of our portfolio.

Basic survey package

A typical entry level package for the majority of water owners which incorporates a site visit for visual appraisal, water quality testing and, where possible, some limited fish trapping to ascertain species present and sizes. This package also notes any visual problems and makes recommendations to manage the water.

Fully comprehensive package

Comprehensive packages include more in-depth laboratory work, usually carried out by independent laboratories, such as sediment analysis, formal algal identification and algal cell counts, fish health status (mandatory and non-mandatory), fish ageing and microbiological testing. Such packages are recommended when problems include turbidity, human health concerns, fisheries-related issues and risk of damage to sensitive ecosystems.

Tailored packages

All waters are different, as are clients’ aspirations and requirements so there is a large variation in the services required from us. All our site visits and consultancy packages can be tailored to the clients specification, thus ensuring that the client only pays for the services required and can gain all the information they need.

All consultancy packages include a free follow-up visit (UK only) after the report has been issued so that the client can have time to digest the information within the report and to allow any resulting questions or concerns to be addressed.

Please contact us with as much information about the nature of your problems as possible so that we may offer some alternative courses of investigation.

To show our capabilities here are some previous projects completed by our consultants:

• Report produced into the design of a new build coarse fishery
• Report detailing the construction and introduction of plants, insects and fish in a private lake
• Investigation of poor water quality influences on a public boating lake
• Investigation of influences affecting water quality and clarity on an inner city multi-use lake