Fisheries Services

AES Europe Ltd offers an extensive range of fisheries services to assist and compliment the management of any water. Our fisheries work is much in demand due to the high level of experience and knowledge within our team of consultants, three of which have been working in fisheries for over 49 years between them. AES Europe Ltd is fully Cefas registered and all work is completed with relevant Environment Agency consents. A range of our expertise and services are listed below to give a better idea of what we can offer:

Netting, electrofishing and trapping

Our team has a range of nets suited to most waters we are likely to face. We use the best quality nets available and ensure rigging is fish friendly. In most cases netting a water offers the best results when trying to capture as many fish as possible from a given water body. There are, however, certain conditions (e.g. prolific weed growth or extensive tree roots) that can make netting unsuitable or even virtually impossible. In these cases we are well equipped with modern sets of electrofishing equipment and also a range of large fish-friendly traps ready-fitted with mandatory otter guards.

Fish surveys and population studies

A large part of our fisheries work is capturing fish, weighing, measuring and compiling information to assist in water management. We offer a range of fishery surveys for a number of applications including planning requirements, stock control and population studies.

 Hydro-electric fishery surveys

We are increasingly undertaking fish population surveys for hydro-electric projects and have gained some expertise in the methods required to catch fish in what are often very challenging environments.


Biomanipulation is an invaluable tool in fisheries management and can be applied for a number of reasons, typically regarding the increase or decrease of water clarity depending on the use of the water and the client’s requirements. Water clarity, weed growth, size of fish, fish growth rates and predation can all be heavily influenced by biomanipulation and in an age where there are increasing demands for green alternatives, biomanipulation is very popular.

Stock control and cropping

Even the best managed waters can get overstocked. In fact, the best managed waters usually provide optimum conditions for excessive reproduction and recruitment. Such fish populations need to be cropped periodically. We are well equipped and knowledgeable on the best course of action for cropping a water.

There are also cases when the predator-prey balance is incorrect and this needs to be remedied. This is usually not just as simple as removing the predator and consideration should be given to the possible reasons for an imbalance.

Disease and health testing

As many novel diseases and parasites are increasing around the country we offer a full health testing service including Section 30 standard health tests for fish movements. Following health testing we are well placed to offer advice and solutions to ensure the best possible health is maintained in your fish stocks.

To show our capabilities here are some fisheries projects completed by our consultants:

  • Electrofishing Scottish lochs in Cairngorms National Park to identify non-native species
  • Fish control and cropping for a client in central  France
  • Hydro-electric fish surveys in Snowdonia National Park and Yorkshire Dales
  • Fish population studies for a National Trust properties
  • Species specific fish removals to reduce algal problems in a Sussex pond