Coir Rolls and Pallets

Coir Products

Coir rolls and pallets are a crucial water management tool and are in ever increasing demand for erosion control and remediation work.

Coir is produced from the husks of coconut and as such is, of course, entirely biodegradable.  Previously, coir was a by-product of the food industry but we believe that the world-wide demand for coir products has now made food-grade coconuts the by-product!

Coir provides the ideal growing medium for establishing aquatic plants: it is just the correct density to allow water plant roots to spread quickly, whilst still having enough rigidity to provide some structure in its own right. AES Europe Limited is experienced in the installation of coir products, which have been used to provide clean delineations to the banks of lakes and ponds, quick establishment of reed-bed filters and seriously robust protection from bank erosion.

Coir Rolls

Coir rolls are long sausage shaped structures that feature densely packed coir fibre, pre-drilled to allow plants to be inserted. Coir rolls are primarily used for bank restructuring where some structural element is required but are also used to backfill geotextile banking such as Nicospan.

We can supply either dry unplanted rolls or pre-established rolls to order. For most applications we would recommend that the rolls be supplied dry, with the required plants in trays to be planted when the rolls are in place. There are a number of advantages with this including: dry rolls are lighter and easier to handle, and also that plants do not get damaged in transit as is often the case in pre-established rolls. This is also a more economical method as shipping costs are less and, as there is less labour involved at our end, the supply costs are less. Please also note that we offer a full installation and planting service for this product.

Roll specifications: 3000mm x 300mm diameter. Dry weight approx. 8kg – 10kg per metre

Wet weight (after 1 hour drying) 19kg – 21kg per metre

Coir pallets

Coir pallets, also known as coir mats or coir pillows are flat squares of coir fabric used primarily for creating wetland areas such as reed bed filters and for establishing plant growth on wide exposed areas of banks and islands. They are usually planted at a rate of between 9 – 15 plants per square metre dependent on plant species and application.

AES Europe Ltd can supply coir pallets either pre-established or dry unplanted although for the very same reasons we would suggest that for most applications the dry route should be considered to save weight whilst manual handling and to avoid plants getting damaged during transit. As with the coir rolls we offer a full installation and planting service for this product.

Pallet specifications: 1000 x 1000mm, dry weight.  4-5kg per square metre.

Wet weight: (after 1 hour drying) 18kg – 21kg per square metre

For any coir product please contact us to discuss your requirements, our consultants will be happy to assist you with the best choice for your application.