Temporary Vacancy

We have just posted this vacancy in Job Centre Plus and on Universal Job Match…

Ref Number – 1241602

“Part time Works Assistant required for small Corby company, for 3 months to cover sick leave, could be extended depending on company circumstances.  Company involved with aspects of water management including desilting, fisheries, soft engineering, fish movements etc.   Duties will be mainly outdoor, on work sites helping with clearing undergrowth, manning pumps, helping with site safety, assisting guiding lorries and excavators on and off sites safely.  

 Outdoor work experience essential, frequently cold, wet and dirty working conditions.  Must be prepared to work away from home for a week at a time as required.   Driving licence an advantage.  Use of large plant, power tools, maintenance of equipment would be an advantage.

 Will be working in a small group, tact and a sense of humour very important.   Honesty and reliability expected at all times.  

Interest in water and natural landscape is essential.

 Minimum of 70 hours per month.  Additional hours often available.

Please forward CV via email to info@aesurope.co.uk”

It has to be said we are looking for a pretty special person to fit into an existing team.  We have a get on with it attitude then we can get over the cold and the misery and have a laugh.  We love the water, the habitat, the fish and the great results we achieve.  Our customers are generous with their praise and tea and cake!

The successful applicant will be able to be away from home for 4 nights on jobs that are out of the area.  We cover accommodation and food costs, obviously, and pay 50% hourly rate while travelling.


Best part of the day - boots drying in the sun!

Best part of the day – boots drying in the sun!






Tony McKenna, AES Europe Ltd, director

It’s not all mud, the excitement of being an IT geek at AES Europe Ltd for a day!

Feb 2013 cartoon

It’s early February and despite having a waiting list of over 30 clients awaiting quotes, proposals or even just  some sign we are still here, a more pressing job awaits me this morning (I do apologise to any clients that are waiting, we will be with you soon).

The annual update of the website is upon us and I get to be an IT geek for a day. This, I should say is under much duress and it is only after three week of bullying from Ann that today has been nominated and here I am, actually writing this instead of the website updates.


Why update the website?

This is the question I find myself asking but in this case there are good valid reasons rather than being a spurious waste of valuable time. For a start staff come and go, and whilst none have gone some have come and as such we would like our prospective clients to meet our newer members of staff and to see what expertise they can offer.

The services we offer also change although this is less obvious as we still offer the same range of services we always have done, rather some areas have expanded and we can bring in new knowledge and experience or simply we can expand the scope of these services.

A good example of this is the de-silting and restoration services that we offer now. Two years ago de-silting was a very small part of our business and accounted for less than 10% of the days we spent in the field, come forward to 2013 de-silting and restoration accounts for over 80% of our work and this is still growing. Ironically other services have not been reduced, simply this aspect has seen an outstanding expansion and as we continue to do more and bigger de-silting jobs this continues to grow.

The annual overhaul is also a good opportunity to change the pictures to show some of the different sites we have worked on and to add extra interest to the site. Throughout the year we take thousands of pictures on sites that we work and every now and then we take one good enough to put on the website.

Finally it is also an opportunity to add new pages and pages planned for this update include: River and Stream clearance, Fish Rescues and Testimonials. We are also thinking of having a News page in addition to the blog, what do you think?

So there it is today I’ll be mostly talking about codes and https and other stuff that I have no understanding off, how I miss a digger and a silty hole. Enjoy the new website and please let us know what you think.