AES Europe Ltd – found a disabled polecat

Last night Tony found a polecat close to some garages near his home.  She wasn’t moving quickly and seemed cold and hungry.  He took her to the vet and they discovered that both of her back paws were missing.  The stumps are healed and she seems to be in no distress.

So today she is with us in the AES Europe Ltd office, she has explored the desks and pottered about on the carpet.  At the moment she is called Ian3.  Hopefully over the weekend we will be able to find her original owner.


 We could sell tickets to the folks that are coming by to visit and make friends with her.  She is loving the attention and jonesing bits of lunch.

Ian3 a

2013… AES Europe Ltd wishes you a Happy New Year ; back to desilting and aerators.

Jan 3 2013

Back at our desks and monitoring the effects of the holiday torrential rain and gales.  Cancelling appointments because clients can’t find the “normal” perimeters of their lakes.  Seems to be water to spare all round.  However the weather forecast seems to be mainly dry and mild for the next couple of weeks so hopefully scheduled work can go ahead.

Maybe this year the EA will avoid announcing a “drought” for the summer; look what happened the last time!  Torrential rain started the very same day and spring was washed out and the summer cancelled.

Looking forward to the new season we are quoting for a number of desilting jobs, we are selling fish and have aerators ready to ship to customers.

During the course of our travels we see enormous amounts of wild life and we are particularly interested in raptors; there is a daily count between us of buzzards, red kites, sparrow hawks etc.

Needless to say we also see the great flotillas of geese that populate the lakes in urban parks and gardens.

ASBO swans at Swanswell Pool, CoventryIts great to see a successful brood of cygnets turning into a bunch of gangling teenagers, it seems that they at least aren’t being out-competed by the Canada geese.